Jolly Park Community Development Council

2014 Annual Appeal

First, happy holidays to you and your family from all of us at the Jolly Park Community Development Council. 

It's been another exciting year.  A few illustrative examples of our recent accomplishments include:

We applaud everyone who supported and worked so hard to make these accomplishments possible, and we thank the dedicated volunteers who have shared their time, energy and creativity.  It has been friends and neighbors working together for a common goal while having a lot of fun.

As the holiday season approaches, we ask that you consider making a gift to the Jolly Park Community Development Council.  The private support of our friends and neighbors is critical and key to our efforts in providing for the future of our beautiful park and when we invest in our community, we receive a direct benefit for our contribution.

Throughout our planning process, we asserted that A.J. Jolly Park will become a thriving, sustainable, first class, regional tourism destination that is well planned, managaed and funded and responds to the needs and values of our community.  Eac of us (children, horseback riders, seniors, soccer players, dog owners, fisherman, families, walkers, boaters, etc.) who have fond memories and enjoy the park has a stake in its outcome, much of which will be determined by our ability to raise private funds.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Jolly Park Community Development Council will be used for improvements at A.J. Jolly Park, enabling it to grow and thrive, and serve many generations to come.